Policies and Certificates

Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Thewo recognizes Affirmative Action as an integral part of its business strategy.

Accepting the values and aspirations of the new South Africa, we ensure the implementation of Affirmative Action through the following:

Equal employment opportunities and conditions

This embraces the removal of differences in conditions of employment based on race or gender and the establishment of a company culture respectful of diversity.

In this we recognize the right of every employee to be treated fairly in his / her employment based on authentic merits and achievements.

Advancement of all employees

Equality of opportunity extends to all educational, training and development aspects and progress and achievements have to be continuous and measurable against set targets.

Employees who are educationally disadvantaged or lack training will be assisted through a Mentorship program to realize their career potential.

Thewo has a proactive Affirmative Action Committee that meets monthly to ensure the above is put into practice.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Thewo has implemented quality management systems with the objective set out in the Thewo Quality Policy. Quality system development, implementation and review are based on the following principals:

Executive Responsibility

The Managing Director has executive responsibility for all operations of the Thewo in accordance with policy directives and the authority delegated by the Board of Directors, and as such, the Managing Director:

Establishes policies, implementation strategies and goals for all corporate functions and operating companies and divisions;Assesses performance and initiates actions to promote ongoing improvement in safety, quality, productivity and profitability.

Quality Function

Thewo Directors selects the Quality Manager(s) for their Business units and works together with them to ensure that sufficient quality management resources / representatives are appointed to facilitate the establishment and reporting of quality management systems within their respective operations.

Quality manager(s) are responsible for

  • Ensuring that Thewo establish and maintain quality management systems, organizational goals and contract agreements;
  • Reporting to management on the performance of quality systems as a basis for review and system improvement.

Quality representatives provide two primary roles

As mentor and facilitator of system development and continuous improvement initiatives including:

Defining systems requirements and facilitation of system development and ongoing improvement through the provision of training and guidance;

Establishing performance measures and periodic reviews as a basis for establishing requirements for improvement and future performance objectives.

To establish and maintain inspection/verification and compliance audit programmes to verify the integrity of management and production processes and the conformance of products and services supplied by operating companies.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement

It is the objective of Thewo to be the industry leader in accident prevention and to take a proactive, progressive role in the protection of our environment. Thewo is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, and other persons affected by our activities and to the protection of the environment with respect to our activities.

In achieving these objectives, we will be guided by the following basic principles:

  • All accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and governing regulations is a requirement.
  • Working safely and protecting the environment are conditions of employment.
  • Prevention of injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents is good business.