company overview


To develop and implement solutions that are innovative, environmentally considerate and economically viable in a manner that will incorporate and fulfil the social needs of the communities our solutions will be serving.


To be one of the best firms in the built environment with experts in a number of aspects within the industry that will make the firm thrives amongst its competitors.

To be a firm with capability of incorporating infrastructure development with social development in order for solutions to be self-sustainable or sustained by the communities they serve for their benefit.


Our company is committed to uphold integrity in the running of our business, Providing the professional service to all our clients. We assure our clients transparency to solutions developed. We believe in skills and technology transfer to all our staff and communities served by our solutions.


Thewo is a “Black Economic Empowerment” company in terms of government's BEE criteria. Thewo is 100% owned by HDI individuals and proud to be a Level 1 BEE Contributor in terms of the DTI's Codes of Good Practice. Thewo is committed to promoting BEE across all levels of our organization.


Thewo is a black owned and managed multi-disciplinary firm in the built environment and is based in South Africa operating in 3 provinces, namely Free State, Gauteng & Eastern Cape. The company directors are all HDI's with various expertise in the built environment.

Thewo complies with the Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998, with the main focus being on promoting the development of HDI's in the industry.